Our purpose

We drive development, health, and social welfare through sustainable agriculture and conscious business practices.

What we do

Our family
To thrive development, health and social welfare
through sustainable agriculture and conscious

We create shared value by working with all the people involved in the food value chain to deliver the healthiest and most sustainable fruit directly from farm to table.

How we care

We build value by making use of every edible fruit, regardless of appearance. Adopting new ways of being more sustainable is in our DNA.

Our core principles

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How we work

We unlock the power of fruit to enhance everyone's quality of life today and for generations to come.

A few of our numbers

Finance, expand, advise, control, operate and commercialize.


310 hectares to 2025 / More than 10M kg’s by 2030 (Blueberry Project)
Advise, control, operate and commercialize.


8M kg of fresh fruit by 2030 (1.2M of blueberries, 1.8M in citrus, 1.4M in mango, 2.1M in avocado, 1.5M in grapes and 1M in figs). Around 1000 containers by 2030.
Control and commercialize.


1.8M kg of fruit by 2022 and 3.8M kilograms by 2030